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Magnolia Holds "Feather the Nursery's Nest" Shower

(8/15/14) MUMC members and friends showed their enthusiasm for our children's ministry last Saturday, December 9th, at a "baby shower" held to benefit our church nursery, now to be known as "The Nest".

Generous givers showered The Nest with books, craft supplies, snacks and sippy cups, Bibles, blankets, and a beautiful new changing table for our littlest ones.

Thank you to all who attended, who gave so generously to our children's future! special thanks to Erica Lee, Amanda Shaffer, and Lindsey Treuil, who planned and organized and decorated for our shower.

If you are interested in becoming involved in freshening up "The Nest" or in growing MUMC's Christian ministry to children, please contact us at

Nursery attendant Jacki Foster shows off her corsage while Erica and Ella Lee help.

Amanda Shaffer, Lindsey Treuil and CJ, and Erica Lee and Ella
head our Children's Ministry.

Thank you for everything - it will all find a use in The Nest!