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Sunday Worship Service - 11:00 AM

Holy Communion - 1st Sunday each month

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Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
Phone: 225.261.2789

Pastor's Page

Rev. ThomasWhat says "welcome" to you? Is it a warm greeting, a handshake, a hug? Maybe it's the smell of coffee brewing and some homemade treats in the oven, and a chair all ready for you at the table. Perhaps it's as simple as someone speaking your name, with a smile in their voice.

Whatever it is that helps you to feel welcome, I think you'll find it at Magnolia United Methodist Church. We're a friendly congregation that knows how to make a visitor feel right at home. From that first smile in the narthex, to the lively singing and the shared joys and concerns, to the coffee and goodies after worship in our Fellowship Hall, Magnolia is a church that speaks God's welcome to all.

Bring your children – they'll all enjoy a special children's message during worship. We have a heart for little kids at MUMC - Miss Alana, our "Nest" (nursery) supervisor and educational director, is waiting to get to know them! Older kids will receive their own worship bulletins and are invited to join us for inter-generational worship in our Sanctuary.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in Christ's name to Magnolia – a church where you can find a home. It's from our home that God sends us out into ministry - so get ready!

May you know the deep peace of Jesus Christ,


Date Bulletin Sermon
06/18/17 06/25/7-bulletin.pdf "The Way of Welcome, II"
06/18/17 06/18/7-bulletin.pdf "Laughter/Tears"
06/11/17 n/a An Old-Fashioned Hymn Sing
06/04/17 06/04/7-bulletin.pdf " Bad News?"
05/28/17 05/28/17-bulletin.pdf " A Lack of Control?"
05/21/17 05/21/17-bulletin.pdf "Come On, Give Me a Challenge"
Rev. Adam Darragh, Campus Minister, LSU Wesley Foundation
05/14/17 05/14/17-bulletin.pdf " Anxiety?"
05/07/17 05/07/17-bulletin.pdf "Sheepish?"
04/30/17 n/a Vocalists Luke and Emily Ash
04/23/17 04/23/17-bulletin.pdf "Fed, Feed, Follow"
Rev. Ken Irby, District Superintendent
04/16/17 04/16/17-bulletin.pdf Easter Sunday: "For Those Who Stay: Resurrection!"
04/09/17 n/a Palm Sunday Easter Cantata, "O, What a Savior"!
04/02/17 04/02/17-bulletin.pdf Communion Sunday: "Believe!"
03/26/17 03/26/17-bulletin.pdf "Nurture"
03/19/17 03/19/17-bulletin.pdf "Confess"
03/12/17 n/a "Accept" - Randy Foster
03/05/17 03/05/17-bulletin.pdf "Renounce"
02/26/17 02/26/17-bulletin.pdf "Mountaintop"
02/19/17 n/a The Magnolia Singers & St. Luke's UMC Choir
Old Fashioned Hymn Sing Sunday
02/12/17 02/12/17-bulletin.pdf "From the Center"
02/05/17 02/05/17-bulletin.pdf Communion Sunday: "Indispensable"
01/22/17 01/22/17-bulletin.pdf "Let It Go"
01/15/17 01/15/17-bulletin.pdf "Come and See - Then Go and Share"
01/08/17 01/08/17-bulletin.pdf Communion Sunday: "Toe In – or All In?"
01/01/17 n/a "What Time Is It?",
Rev. Latrice Mallard, Associate Pastor at Jordan United Methodist Church
12/25/16 n/a Joint worship service at Deerford UMC
12/18/16 n/a Christmas Cantata, "Breath of Heaven"
12/11/16 12/11/16-bulletin.pdf "I'll Be There for You"
12/04/16 12/4/16-bulletin.pdf "Born to Be... Free"
11/27/16 11/27/16-bulletin.pdf "Deepest Longing"
11/20/16 11/20/16-bulletin.pdf "The Crowning of the Year"
11/13/16 11/13/16-bulletin.pdf "A New Thing"
11/06/16 11/06/16-bulletin.pdf "God Will Provide"
10/30/16 10/30/16-bulletin.pdf "God and Caesar: God's Voting Guide"
10/23/16 10/23/16-bulletin.pdf "God and Caesar: What's the Difference?"
10/16/16 n/a "A Message of Hope: Don Piper
Music: Crosby Lane"
10/09/16 10/09/16-bulletin.pdf "Sing A New Song"
10/02/16 10/02/16-bulletin.pdf "Pass It On"
09/25/16 09/25/16-bulletin.pdf "Buy That Field"
09/18/16 09/18/16-bulletin.pdf "Make A Peep"
09/11/16 09/11/16-bulletin.pdf "Lost...and Found"
09/04/16 09/04/16-bulletin.pdf "Fully Known"
08/28/16 08/28/16-bulletin.pdf "Entertaining Angels"
08/21/16 08/21/16-bulletin.pdf "God is in the Flood"
08/14/16 08/14/16-bulletin.pdf "The Finish Line"
08/07/16 08/07/16-bulletin.pdf "Living by the Unseen"
07/31/16 n/a Fifth-Sunday Sing: A Concert of Gospel Favorites,
presented by the St. Luke UMC Choir
07/24/16 07/24/16-bulletin.pdf "Does God Always Answer Prayer?"
07/17/16 07/17/16-bulletin.pdf "Mary and Martha: Either/Or?"
07/10/16 07/10/16-bulletin.pdf "Something Bigger Than Us"
07/03/16 07/03/16-bulletin.pdf "The Sermon on the Mount: Choices"
06/26/16 06/26/16-bulletin.pdf "The Sermon on the Mount: Don't Worry"
06/19/16 06/19/16-bulletin.pdf "The Sermon on the Mount: Thy Kingdom Come"
06/12/16 n/a "Testimony: Mr. Woodrow Taylor"
06/05/16 06/05/16-bulletin.pdf "Lessons from the Top: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount"
05/29/16 n/a Magnolia Singers - Old Fashioned Hymn Sing
05/22/16 05/22/16-bulletin.pdf "1+1+1=1?"
05/15/16 05/15/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values:Speaking in Tongues"
05/08/16 n/a "Modern Family Values: And then he went home. . ."
05/01/16 05/01/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values: Clear Communication"
04/24/16 04/24/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values: Using Time Well"
04/17/16 04/17/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values: Forgiveness"
04/10/16 04/10/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values: Love"
04/03/16 04/03/16-bulletin.pdf "No Fear!"
03/27/16 03/27/16-bulletin.pdf "Despite Expectations!"
03/20/16 Palm Sunday "Two Parades"
03/13/16 03/13/16-bulletin.pdf "Anoited"
03/06/16 03/06/16-bulletin.pdf "Jesus Wept"
02/28/16 02/28/16-bulletin.pdf "What Will You See?" - Buck Hawks
02/21/16 02/21/16-bulletin.pdf "Water in the Desert"
02/14/16 02/14/16-bulletin.pdf "Stones to Bread"
02/07/16 02/07/16-bulletin.pdf "For Such a Time as This"
01/31/16 n/a Bennie Jones and the New Gospel Travelers (MUMC)
"God's Year to Act" (DUMC)
01/24/16 01/24/16-bulletin.pdf "God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle"
01/17/16 01/17/16-bulletin.pdf "God Helps Those Who help Themselves?"
01/10/16 01/10/16-bulletin.pdf "Through the Waters"
01/03/16 n/a n/a
12/27/15 12/27/15-bulletin.pdf "Where's Jesus?"
12/20/15 12/20/15-bulletin.pdf "Love: What It Looks Like"
12/13/15 n/a "Childrens: A Christmas Story"
12/06/15 12/06/15-bulletin.pdf "Peace: Inside/Out"
11/29/15 n/a First Sunday in Advent
11/22/15 11/22/15-bulletin.pdf "What Kind of King?"
11/15/15 11/15/15-bulletin.pdf "Sign of the Times"
11/08/15 11/08/15-bulletin.pdf "Just Give"
11/01/15 11/01/15-bulletin.pdf (Homecoming & All Saints Sunday)
"Weeping That Lingers"
10/25/15 10/25/15-bulletin.pdf "A Season of Saints - Martin Luther"
10/18/15 10/18/15-bulletin.pdf "A Season of Saints - St. Paul the Apostle"
10/11/15 10/11/15-bulletin.pdf "A Season of Saints - Julian of Norwich"
10/04/15 10/04/15-bulletin.pdf "A Season of Saints - St.Francis of Assisi"
09/27/15 09/27/15-bulletin.pdf "The Letter of James - Prayer Medicine"
09/20/15 09/20/15-bulletin.pdf "The Letter of James - Real Wisdom = God's Wisdom"
09/13/15 09/13/15-bulletin.pdf "The Letter of James - Watch Your Mouth"
09/06/15 09/06/15-bulletin.pdf "The Letter of James - Don't Play Favorites!"
08/30/15 n/a "Hymn Sing Time"
08/23/15 08/23/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - So That All of the Peoples of
the Earth Would Know Your Name"
08/16/15 08/16/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - Ask What I Should Give You"
08/09/15 n/a "King David Series - O Absalom, My Son, My Son!"
08/02/15 08/02/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - You Are the Man"
07/26/15 07/26/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - It Happened, Late One Afternoon . . ."
07/19/15 07/19/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - I Will Build You A House"
07/12/15 n/a Laity Sunday
07/05/15 n/a "Right Time and Right Place" - Rev. Don Cottrill
06/28/15 06/28/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - How the Mighty Have Fallen"
06/21/15 06/21/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - Five Smooth Stones"
06/14/15 06/14/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - God Looks on the Heart"
06/07/15 06/07/15-bulletin.pdf "All in the Family"
05/31/15 n/a "Abram's Song" - Fifth-Sunday Worship
05/24/15 05/24/15-bulletin.pdf "Feel the Fire"
05/17/15 05/17/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? What's the Least You Can Believe
and Still Be a Christian?"
05/10/15 05/10/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? What Do Christians Believe
about Life after Death?"
05/03/15 05/03/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? What Do Christians Believe
about Science and Religion?"
04/26/15 04/26/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? What Do Christians Believe
about Other Religions?"
04/19/15 04/19/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? When Good Things Happen to Bad People"
04/12/15 04/12/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? Unless I See"
04/05/15 04/05/15-bulletin.pdf "Jesus in Disguise"
03/29/15 n/a "Easter Cantata"
03/22/15 03/22/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: Searching the Scriptures"
03/15/15 03/15/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: Prayer"
03/08/15 03/08/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: Fasting"
03/01/15 03/01/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: The Sacrements" (Communion Sunday)
02/22/15 02/22/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: Encouragement in Christ"
02/15/15 02/15/15-bulletin.pdf "Beyond the Fear"
02/08/15 02/08/15-bulletin.pdf "Beyond the Chaos"
02/01/15 02/01/15-bulletin.pdf "Beyond the Boundaries" (Communion Sunday)
01/25/15 01/25/15-bulletin.pdf "Beyond the Horizons"
01/18/15 n/a Laity Sunday
01/11/15 01/11/15-bulletin.pdf "Bread, Bath and Beyond"
01/04/15 01/04/15-bulletin.pdf "God's Secret Plan"
12/28/14 12/28/14-bulletin.pdf "Anna & Simeon"
12/21/14 n/a Christmas Cantata: “Bethlehem Morning”
12/14/14 12/14/14-bulletin.pdf "I Believe in Love"
12/07/14 12/07/14-bulletin.pdf "I Believe, Even When"
11/30/14 11/30/14-bulletin.pdf Hanging of the Greens Service
11/23/14 n/a Bennie Jones and the New Gospel Travelers
11/16/14 11/16/14-bulletin.pdf "Big Ideas - Salvation"
11/09/14 11/09/14-bulletin.pdf "Big Ideas - Covenant"
11/02/14 11/02/14-bulletin.pdf "Around the Throne"
10/26/14 10/26/14-bulletin.pdf "Big Ideas - God is Big"
10/19/14 10/19/14-bulletin.pdf Consecration Sunday
10/12/14 10/12/14-bulletin.pdf "Don't Worry"
10/5/14 10/5/14-bulletin.pdf "Crazy Love"
09/28/14 09/28/14-bulletin.pdf "Just Say Yes!"
09/21/14 09/21/14-bulletin.pdf "Grace Is"
09/14/14 09/14/14-bulletin.pdf "Forgiveness: It's Not for Wimps"
09/07/14 09/07/14-bulletin.pdf "Extravagant Generosity"
08/31/14 08/31/14-bulletin.pdf "Psalm 150"
08/24/14 08/24/14-bulletin.pdf "Risk-taking Mission and Service"
08/17/14 08/17/14-bulletin.pdf "Intentional Faith Development: Miracle–Gro"
08/10/14 08/10/14-bulletin.pdf "Passionate Worship: NOT a Spectator Sport!"
08/03/14 08/03/14-bulletin.pdf "Radical Hospitality"
07/27/14 07/27/14-bulletin.pdf "Small Is Beautiful"
07/20/14 07/20/14-bulletin.pdf "Wheat 'n' Weeds"
07/13/14 07/13/14-bulletin.pdf "Soil Test"
07/06/14 070614-bulletin.pdf "False Advertsing"
06/29/14 062914-bulletin.pdf  "The Way of Welcome"