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Sunday Worship Service - 11:00 AM

Holy Communion - 1st Sunday each month

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Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
Phone: 225.261.2789

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Rev. Heather Sullivan

Rev. Heather Sullivan


Date Bulletin Click sermon title for PDF or for Facebook video where available.
05/17/20 n/a Sermon
05/10/20 n/a Sermon
05/03/20 n/a Sermon
04/26/20 n/a Sermon
04/19/20 n/a Sermon
04/12/20 n/a Easter Worship 
04/10/20 n/a Good Friday 
03/29/20 n/a Sermon 
03/22/20 n/a "Redefine" 
03/15/20 bulletin.pdf  "Hydrate" 
03/08/20 bulletin.pdf  "Reset" 
03/01/20 bulletin.pdf  "Enlist" 
02/23/20 bulletin.pdf  "From the Mountain to the Valley" 
02/16/20 bulletin.pdf  "God's Promise of Freedom" 
02/09/20 bulletin.pdf  "God's Promise of Guidance" 
02/02/20 bulletin.pdf  "God's Promise of Blessing" 
01/26/20 bulletin.pdf  "God's Promise of Faithfulness" 
01/19/20 bulletin.pdf  "God's Promise of Ministry"
Guest Speaker - Lindsey Treuil
01/12/20 bulletin.pdf  "God's Promise of New Life" 
01/05/20 bulletin.pdf  "Fit for a King" 
12/29/19 n/a Worship + Brunch Message 
12/22/19 bulletin.pdf  "What Can't Wait?" - Candlelight Service
12/22/19 bulletin.pdf  "Courage (Love) Can't Wait"    
12/15/19 bulletin.pdf  "God's Promised Day (Peace) Can't Wait" 
12/08/19 bulletin.pdf  "Repentance (Peace) Can't Wait" 
12/01/19 bulletin.pdf  "God's Promised Day (Hope) Can't Wait" 
11/24/19 bulletin.pdf  "I Pledge Allegiance to..." 
11/17/19 bulletin.pdf  "On Earth as It Is in Heaven" 
11/10/19 bulletin.pdf  "Disciples Live by Faith"
Guest Speaker - Rev. Greg Toney
11/03/19 bulletin.pdf  "Resurrection Hope" 
10/27/19 bulletin.pdf  "The Humility Trap" 
10/20/19 bulletin.pdf  "Laity Sunday Pastoral Response" 
10/13/19 bulletin.pdf  "The Winner Is..." 
10/06/19 bulletin.pdf  "Making the Best of Babylon" 
09/29/19 bulletin.pdf  "Life That Is Truly Life" 
09/22/19 bulletin.pdf  "God and Mammon" 
09/15/19 bulletin.pdf  "The Least, the Last, and the Lost"  
09/08/19 bulletin.pdf  "All In"  
09/01/19 bulletin.pdf  "Entertaining Angels"  
08/25/19 bulletin.pdf  "Boo Radley: Defining a Mystery"  
08/18/19 bulletin.pdf  "Tom Robinson: The View from the Balcony"  
08/11/19 bulletin.pdf  "Atticus Finch: The Power of Words"  
08/04/19 bulletin.pdf "Scout Finch: Telling Your Story"  
07/28/19 n/a   Family Fun Day   
07/21/19 bulletin.pdf "God is GOOD!"  
07/14/19 n/a  VBS Kids
07/07/19 n/a  An Old Fashioned Hymn Sing  
06/30/19 bulletin.pdf "He Set His Face"  
06/23/19 bulletin.pdf "The Divine Image"  
06/16/19 bulletin.pdf "The Divine Dance"  
06/09/19 bulletin.pdf "The Divine Flow"-  
06/02/19 bulletin.pdf "Arise" - Bro. Andryl Spikes  
05/26/19 bulletin.pdf "Peace I Leave with You..."  
05/19/19 bulletin.pdf "Smell and Believe"  
05/12/19 bulletin.pdf "Touch and Believe"  
05/05/19 bulletin.pdf -
04/28/19 bulletin.pdf "Hear and Believe"  
04/21/19 bulletin.pdf "See and Believe"  
04/14/19 bulletin.pdf Palm Sunday
04/07/19 bulletin.pdf "The Last Supper: Risking the Loss of Friends"  
03/31/19 bulletin.pdf "The First Dinner: Risking Rejection"  
03/24/19 bulletin.pdf "Teachings: Risking Challenge"  
03/17/19 bulletin.pdf "The Temple: Risking Righteous Anger"  
03/10/19 bulletin.pdf "Jerusalem: Risking Reputation"  
03/03/19 bulletin.pdf "The Astounded Crowd"  
02/24/19 bulletin.pdf "The Questioning Crowd"  
02/17/19 bulletin.pdf "The Expectant Crowd"  
02/10/19 bulletin.pdf "The Pressing Crowd"  
02/03/19 bulletin.pdf "The Tough Crowd"  
01/27/19 bulletin.pdf "A Way of Being"  
01/20/19 bulletin.pdf "Beyond Circumstances"  
01/13/19 bulletin.pdf "The Art of Forgiveness"  
01/06/19 bulletin.pdf "Nothing Will Make You Happy"  
12/30/18 n/a Casual worship in gym, followed by a Fifth Sunday Feast
12/23/18 12/23/18-bulletin.pdf Christmas Candlelight Service  
12/23/18 12/23/18-bulletin.pdf "O Little Town of Bethlehem"  
12/16/18 n/a "Christmas Express" Musical  
12/09/18 12/09/18-bulletin.pdf "Messengers"  
12/02/18 12/02/18-bulletin.pdf "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"  
11/25/18 11/25/18-bulletin.pdf "Love"  
11/18/18 11/18/18-bulletin.pdf "Confidence"  
11/11/18 11/11/18-bulletin.pdf "Victory"  
11/04/18 11/04/18-bulletin.pdf Homecoming/All Saints Sunday
Guest Speaker - Roxanne Atkinson
10/28/18 10/28/18-bulletin.pdf ""Don't Bury the Talent"  
10/21/18 10/21/18-bulletin.pdf "Asa: Foolish Games"  
10/14/18 10/14/18-bulletin.pdf "Just A Little Seed"  
10/07/18 10/07/18-bulletin.pdf World Communion Sunday
"The Surprising Hospitality of God's Kingdom"
Guest Pastor: Rev. Roger Lathan

09/30/18 09/30/18-bulletin.pdf Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey - "What's Next?"  
09/23/18 09/23/18-bulletin.pdf "Asa: Foolish Games"  
09/16/18 09/16/18-bulletin.pdf "Ehhud - Eh Who?"  
09/09/18 09/09/18-bulletin.pdf "Rahab: Blind Faith"  
09/02/18 09/02/18-bulletin.pdf "Nadab & Abihu: Strange Fire"  
08/26/18 08/26/18-bulletin.pdf Music by Luke & Emily Ash  
08/19/18 08/19/18-bulletin.pdf "Give Love"  
08/12/18 08/12/18-bulletin.pdf " Love"  
08/05/18 08/05/18-bulletin.pdf "Build Love"  
07/29/18 n/a Family Fun Day
07/22/18 07/22/18-bulletin.pdf "A Song of Thanks"  
07/15/18 07/15/18-bulletin.pdf "A Psalm of Trust"  
07/08/18 07/08/18-bulletin.pdf "A Prayer for Help"  
07/01/18 07/01/18-bulletin.pdf "Belonging"  
06/24/18 06/24/18-bulletin.pdf "A Hymn of Praise"  
06/17/18 06/17/18-bulletin.pdf "What Real Men Know"  
06/10/18 06/10/18-bulletin.pdf Hymn Sing
06/03/18 06/03/18-bulletin.pdf "The Holy Spirit Shakes (Things Up)"  
05/27/18 05/27/18-bulletin.pdf "The Holy Spirit Moves"  
05/20/18 05/20/18-bulletin.pdf Songs & Stories
05/13/18 05/13/18-bulletin.pdf "A Mother's Faith"  
05/06/18 05/06/18-bulletin.pdf "Let the Chips Fly"  
04/29/18 04/29/18-bulletin.pdf 75th Anniversary Service
Rev. Morris - Scripture  
Rev.  Bergeron 
Rev. Thomas  
04/22/18 04/22/18-bulletin.pdf "Salvation Comes"  
04/15/18 04/15/18-bulletin.pdf "Faith That Makes Us Strong)"  
04/08/18 04/08/18-bulletin.pdf "Testimony to the Resurrection"  
04/01/18 04/01/18-bulletin.pdf "What Makes A Hero? (Living for Faith)"   Pt.1 -- Pt.2
03/25/18 03/25/18-bulletin.pdf Easter Cantata  
03/18/18 03/18/18-bulletin.pdf "What Makes A Hero? (New Again in Christ)"  
03/11/18 03/11/18-bulletin.pdf "What Makes A Hero? (A Topsy-Turvy World)"  
03/04/18 03/04/18-bulletin.pdf "What Makes A Hero? (When Heroes Fall)"  
02/25/18 02/25/18-bulletin.pdf "What Makes A Hero? (Is It Right or Wrong?)"  
02/18/18 02/18/18-bulletin.pdf "What Makes A Hero? (What Gotham Needs)"  
02/11/18 02/11/18-bulletin.pdf "Listen to Him"  
02/04/18 02/04/18-bulletin.pdf "Back to Basics: How Does God Want Us to Live?"  
01/28/18 01/28/18-bulletin.pdf "Back to Basics: What Does It Mean to Be Saved?"   
01/21/18 01/21/18-bulletin.pdf "What Do We Believe About Sin?"  
01/14/18 01/14/18-bulletin.pdf "Who Are the 'People Called Methodist'?"   
01/07/18 n/a "They Offered Him Gifts (Epiphany & Holy Communion)"   
12/31/17 n/a New Year's Worship & Brunch
12/24/17 12/24/17-bulletin.pdf
(Evening Candelignt))
Christmas Eve Candelight Sermon  
Carols & Cocoa  
12/17/17 12/17/17-bulletin.pdf "Reflections on Joy" (Cantata Sunday)
12/10/17 12/10/17-bulletin.pdf "Reflections on Love" (Childrens' Sunday)  
12/03/17 12/03/17-bulletin.pdf "Reflections on Hope" (Hanging of the Greens)
11/26/17 11/26/17-bulletin.pdf "What Kind of King?"  
11/19/17 11/19/17-bulletin.pdf With Thanksgiving... (Take. Bless. Break. Share.)  
11/12/17 11/12/17-bulletin.pdf "With Thanksgiving..."  
11/05/17 11/05/17-bulletin.pdf Homecoming Sunday
10/29/17 n/a Old Fashioned Hymn Sing Sunday
10/22/17 10/22/17-bulletin.pdf "Saintly Stewards: St. Luke the Evangelist – The Way of Generosity"  
10/15/17 10/15/17-bulletin.pdf Laity Sunday
10/08/17 10/08/17-bulletin.pdf "Saintly Stewards: Mary McLeod Bethune - The Way of Authority"  
10/01/17 10/01/17-bulletin.pdf "Saintly Stewards: Francis of Assisi – The Way of Poverty"  
09/24/17 09/24/17-bulletin.pdf "The Shield of Faith"  
09/17/17 09/17/17-bulletin.pdf "The Sword of Mercy"   Pt. 1   Pt.2
09/10/17 09/10/17-bulletin.pdf "The Armor of Light"  
09/03/17 n/a Vocalists Luke and Emily Ash
08/27/17 08/27/17-bulletin.pdf "Jesus: The Legend"
08/20/17 08/20/17-bulletin.pdf "Jesus: The Man"
08/13/17 08/13/17-bulletin.pdf "Jesus: The Myth"
08/06/17 08/06/17-bulletin.pdf "Love Never Fails"
07/30/17 07/30/17-bulletin.pdf "Love Endures All Things"
07/23/17 07/23/17-bulletin.pdf "Love Hopes All Things"
07/16/17 07/16/17-bulletin.pdf "Love Believes All Things"
07/09/17 07/09/17-bulletin.pdf "Love Bears All Things"
07/02/17 07/02/7-bulletin.pdf Communion Sunday: "All Things . . ."
The following items were provided by former pastor Rev. Susie Thomas
06/25/17 06/25/17-bulletin.pdf "The Way of Welcome, II"
06/18/17 06/18/17-bulletin.pdf "Laughter/Tears"
06/11/17 n/a An Old-Fashioned Hymn Sing
06/04/17 06/04/7-bulletin.pdf " Bad News?"
05/28/17 05/28/17-bulletin.pdf " A Lack of Control?"
05/21/17 05/21/17-bulletin.pdf "Come On, Give Me a Challenge"
Rev. Adam Darragh, Campus Minister, LSU Wesley Foundation
05/14/17 05/14/17-bulletin.pdf " Anxiety?"
05/07/17 05/07/17-bulletin.pdf "Sheepish?"
04/30/17 n/a Vocalists Luke and Emily Ash
04/23/17 04/23/17-bulletin.pdf "Fed, Feed, Follow"
Rev. Ken Irby, District Superintendent
04/16/17 04/16/17-bulletin.pdf Easter Sunday: "For Those Who Stay: Resurrection!"
04/09/17 n/a Palm Sunday Easter Cantata, "O, What a Savior"!
04/02/17 04/02/17-bulletin.pdf Communion Sunday: "Believe!"
03/26/17 03/26/17-bulletin.pdf "Nurture"
03/19/17 03/19/17-bulletin.pdf "Confess"
03/12/17 n/a "Accept" - Randy Foster
03/05/17 03/05/17-bulletin.pdf "Renounce"
02/26/17 02/26/17-bulletin.pdf "Mountaintop"
02/19/17 n/a The Magnolia Singers & St. Luke's UMC Choir
Old Fashioned Hymn Sing Sunday
02/12/17 02/12/17-bulletin.pdf "From the Center"
02/05/17 02/05/17-bulletin.pdf Communion Sunday: "Indispensable"
01/22/17 01/22/17-bulletin.pdf "Let It Go"
01/15/17 01/15/17-bulletin.pdf "Come and See - Then Go and Share"
01/08/17 01/08/17-bulletin.pdf Communion Sunday: "Toe In – or All In?"
01/01/17 n/a "What Time Is It?",
Rev. Latrice Mallard, Associate Pastor at Jordan United Methodist Church
12/25/16 n/a Joint worship service at Deerford UMC
12/18/16 n/a Christmas Cantata, "Breath of Heaven"
12/11/16 12/11/16-bulletin.pdf "I'll Be There for You"
12/04/16 12/4/16-bulletin.pdf "Born to Be... Free"
11/27/16 11/27/16-bulletin.pdf "Deepest Longing"
11/20/16 11/20/16-bulletin.pdf "The Crowning of the Year"
11/13/16 11/13/16-bulletin.pdf "A New Thing"
11/06/16 11/06/16-bulletin.pdf "God Will Provide"
10/30/16 10/30/16-bulletin.pdf "God and Caesar: God's Voting Guide"
10/23/16 10/23/16-bulletin.pdf "God and Caesar: What's the Difference?"
10/16/16 n/a "A Message of Hope: Don Piper
Music: Crosby Lane"
10/09/16 10/09/16-bulletin.pdf "Sing A New Song"
10/02/16 10/02/16-bulletin.pdf "Pass It On"
09/25/16 09/25/16-bulletin.pdf "Buy That Field"
09/18/16 09/18/16-bulletin.pdf "Make A Peep"
09/11/16 09/11/16-bulletin.pdf "Lost...and Found"
09/04/16 09/04/16-bulletin.pdf "Fully Known"
08/28/16 08/28/16-bulletin.pdf "Entertaining Angels"
08/21/16 08/21/16-bulletin.pdf "God is in the Flood"
08/14/16 08/14/16-bulletin.pdf "The Finish Line"
08/07/16 08/07/16-bulletin.pdf "Living by the Unseen"
07/31/16 n/a Fifth-Sunday Sing: A Concert of Gospel Favorites,
presented by the St. Luke UMC Choir
07/24/16 07/24/16-bulletin.pdf "Does God Always Answer Prayer?"
07/17/16 07/17/16-bulletin.pdf "Mary and Martha: Either/Or?"
07/10/16 07/10/16-bulletin.pdf "Something Bigger Than Us"
07/03/16 07/03/16-bulletin.pdf "The Sermon on the Mount: Choices"
06/26/16 06/26/16-bulletin.pdf "The Sermon on the Mount: Don't Worry"
06/19/16 06/19/16-bulletin.pdf "The Sermon on the Mount: Thy Kingdom Come"
06/12/16 n/a "Testimony: Mr. Woodrow Taylor"
06/05/16 06/05/16-bulletin.pdf "Lessons from the Top: Jesus' Sermon on the Mount"
05/29/16 n/a Magnolia Singers - Old Fashioned Hymn Sing
05/22/16 05/22/16-bulletin.pdf "1+1+1=1?"
05/15/16 05/15/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values:Speaking in Tongues"
05/08/16 n/a "Modern Family Values: And then he went home. . ."
05/01/16 05/01/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values: Clear Communication"
04/24/16 04/24/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values: Using Time Well"
04/17/16 04/17/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values: Forgiveness"
04/10/16 04/10/16-bulletin.pdf "Modern Family Values: Love"
04/03/16 04/03/16-bulletin.pdf "No Fear!"
03/27/16 03/27/16-bulletin.pdf "Despite Expectations!"
03/20/16 Palm Sunday "Two Parades"
03/13/16 03/13/16-bulletin.pdf "Anoited"
03/06/16 03/06/16-bulletin.pdf "Jesus Wept"
02/28/16 02/28/16-bulletin.pdf "What Will You See?" - Buck Hawks
02/21/16 02/21/16-bulletin.pdf "Water in the Desert"
02/14/16 02/14/16-bulletin.pdf "Stones to Bread"
02/07/16 02/07/16-bulletin.pdf "For Such a Time as This"
01/31/16 n/a Bennie Jones and the New Gospel Travelers (MUMC)
"God's Year to Act" (DUMC)
01/24/16 01/24/16-bulletin.pdf "God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle"
01/17/16 01/17/16-bulletin.pdf "God Helps Those Who help Themselves?"
01/10/16 01/10/16-bulletin.pdf "Through the Waters"
01/03/16 n/a n/a
12/27/15 12/27/15-bulletin.pdf "Where's Jesus?"
12/20/15 12/20/15-bulletin.pdf "Love: What It Looks Like"
12/13/15 n/a "Childrens: A Christmas Story"
12/06/15 12/06/15-bulletin.pdf "Peace: Inside/Out"
11/29/15 n/a First Sunday in Advent
11/22/15 11/22/15-bulletin.pdf "What Kind of King?"
11/15/15 11/15/15-bulletin.pdf "Sign of the Times"
11/08/15 11/08/15-bulletin.pdf "Just Give"
11/01/15 11/01/15-bulletin.pdf (Homecoming & All Saints Sunday)
"Weeping That Lingers"
10/25/15 10/25/15-bulletin.pdf "A Season of Saints - Martin Luther"
10/18/15 10/18/15-bulletin.pdf "A Season of Saints - St. Paul the Apostle"
10/11/15 10/11/15-bulletin.pdf "A Season of Saints - Julian of Norwich"
10/04/15 10/04/15-bulletin.pdf "A Season of Saints - St.Francis of Assisi"
09/27/15 09/27/15-bulletin.pdf "The Letter of James - Prayer Medicine"
09/20/15 09/20/15-bulletin.pdf "The Letter of James - Real Wisdom = God's Wisdom"
09/13/15 09/13/15-bulletin.pdf "The Letter of James - Watch Your Mouth"
09/06/15 09/06/15-bulletin.pdf "The Letter of James - Don't Play Favorites!"
08/30/15 n/a "Hymn Sing Time"
08/23/15 08/23/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - So That All of the Peoples of
the Earth Would Know Your Name"
08/16/15 08/16/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - Ask What I Should Give You"
08/09/15 n/a "King David Series - O Absalom, My Son, My Son!"
08/02/15 08/02/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - You Are the Man"
07/26/15 07/26/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - It Happened, Late One Afternoon . . ."
07/19/15 07/19/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - I Will Build You A House"
07/12/15 n/a Laity Sunday
07/05/15 n/a "Right Time and Right Place" - Rev. Don Cottrill
06/28/15 06/28/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - How the Mighty Have Fallen"
06/21/15 06/21/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - Five Smooth Stones"
06/14/15 06/14/15-bulletin.pdf "King David Series - God Looks on the Heart"
06/07/15 06/07/15-bulletin.pdf "All in the Family"
05/31/15 n/a "Abram's Song" - Fifth-Sunday Worship
05/24/15 05/24/15-bulletin.pdf "Feel the Fire"
05/17/15 05/17/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? What's the Least You Can Believe
and Still Be a Christian?"
05/10/15 05/10/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? What Do Christians Believe
about Life after Death?"
05/03/15 05/03/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? What Do Christians Believe
about Science and Religion?"
04/26/15 04/26/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? What Do Christians Believe
about Other Religions?"
04/19/15 04/19/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? When Good Things Happen to Bad People"
04/12/15 04/12/15-bulletin.pdf "Got Questions? Unless I See"
04/05/15 04/05/15-bulletin.pdf "Jesus in Disguise"
03/29/15 n/a "Easter Cantata"
03/22/15 03/22/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: Searching the Scriptures"
03/15/15 03/15/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: Prayer"
03/08/15 03/08/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: Fasting"
03/01/15 03/01/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: The Sacrements" (Communion Sunday)
02/22/15 02/22/15-bulletin.pdf "The Means of Grace: Encouragement in Christ"
02/15/15 02/15/15-bulletin.pdf "Beyond the Fear"
02/08/15 02/08/15-bulletin.pdf "Beyond the Chaos"
02/01/15 02/01/15-bulletin.pdf "Beyond the Boundaries" (Communion Sunday)
01/25/15 01/25/15-bulletin.pdf "Beyond the Horizons"
01/18/15 n/a Laity Sunday
01/11/15 01/11/15-bulletin.pdf "Bread, Bath and Beyond"
01/04/15 01/04/15-bulletin.pdf "God's Secret Plan"
12/28/14 12/28/14-bulletin.pdf "Anna & Simeon"
12/21/14 n/a Christmas Cantata: “Bethlehem Morning”
12/14/14 12/14/14-bulletin.pdf "I Believe in Love"
12/07/14 12/07/14-bulletin.pdf "I Believe, Even When"
11/30/14 11/30/14-bulletin.pdf Hanging of the Greens Service
11/23/14 n/a Bennie Jones and the New Gospel Travelers
11/16/14 11/16/14-bulletin.pdf "Big Ideas - Salvation"
11/09/14 11/09/14-bulletin.pdf "Big Ideas - Covenant"
11/02/14 11/02/14-bulletin.pdf "Around the Throne"
10/26/14 10/26/14-bulletin.pdf "Big Ideas - God is Big"
10/19/14 10/19/14-bulletin.pdf Consecration Sunday
10/12/14 10/12/14-bulletin.pdf "Don't Worry"
10/5/14 10/5/14-bulletin.pdf "Crazy Love"
09/28/14 09/28/14-bulletin.pdf "Just Say Yes!"
09/21/14 09/21/14-bulletin.pdf "Grace Is"
09/14/14 09/14/14-bulletin.pdf "Forgiveness: It's Not for Wimps"
09/07/14 09/07/14-bulletin.pdf "Extravagant Generosity"
08/31/14 08/31/14-bulletin.pdf "Psalm 150"
08/24/14 08/24/14-bulletin.pdf "Risk-taking Mission and Service"
08/17/14 08/17/14-bulletin.pdf "Intentional Faith Development: Miracle–Gro"
08/10/14 08/10/14-bulletin.pdf "Passionate Worship: NOT a Spectator Sport!"
08/03/14 08/03/14-bulletin.pdf "Radical Hospitality"
07/27/14 07/27/14-bulletin.pdf "Small Is Beautiful"
07/20/14 07/20/14-bulletin.pdf "Wheat 'n' Weeds"
07/13/14 07/13/14-bulletin.pdf "Soil Test"
07/06/14 070614-bulletin.pdf "False Advertsing"
06/29/14 062914-bulletin.pdf  "The Way of Welcome"